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Franklin Custom Finish Inc.

Treating Your Home As We Treat Our Own

Interior Painting

Your home is a place where you love to come at the end of the day to relax and enjoy your family. 

We agree that it should be an inviting, comfortable, and beautiful space you are proud of. 

Interior painting is a great way to freshen up the look of your home or office. It involves painting the walls, ceilings, doors, baseboards, and trim of a room to create a new and inviting atmosphere. Most homeowners never realize how dirty the walls actually are and how beat up the baseboards are until they are freshened up and repaired.  


We can help guide you through the process and provide expert advice on color selection, paint type, and application techniques. With a fresh coat of paint, your space will feel like new again.

Interior Services

Drywall Installation & Repair

  • Drywall Install

  • Texture

Wood Installation

  • Trim

  • Castings

  • Doors


  • Popcorn Ceilings

  • Acoustic Ceilings

  • Tile Ceilings

  • Wall Paper

Specialty Instals

  • Plank Flooring

  • Tile Flooring

  • Lights 

  • Fans

  • Electrical Plugs

  • Light Switches


Preparation & Protection

Before starting the painting process, it is important to properly prepare the space by covering furniture (We may ask or suggest that fragile or valuable personal items be moved) covering floors with drop cloths, and filling any holes or cracks in the walls.


*Choosing the right color and type of paint is also crucial for achieving the desired result.


Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is a crucial step when painting a house or cabinets. It involves removing as many nails, pins, pictures, anchors, and cover plates as needed. Then cleaning the surface thoroughly to remove dirt, grime, and any loose paint or debris. Then any cracks or holes will be filled with putty or caulk and sanded down before painting. Sanding the surface is also necessary to create a smooth surface for the new paint to adhere to.


*It is important to choose the right type of primer and paint for the surface being painted. Proper surface preparation ensures a long-lasting and professional-looking paint job.



The process of painting cabinets typically involves several steps. First, the cabinets need to have all hardware removed, be thoroughly cleaned and sanded to ensure a smooth surface for the paint to adhere to. Next, any holes or cracks are filled with wood filler and sanded again. Then, a primer is applied to help the paint stick and provide a uniform base color. After the primer has dried, appropriate coats of paint are applied, with sanding in between coats for a smooth finish. Finally, a clear topcoat may be applied to protect the paint from wear and tear. 



  • Carlsbad

  • Chula Vista

  • Coronado 

  • Del Mar

  • El Cajon

  • Encinitas

  • Escondido

  • Imperial Beach

  • Lakeside

  • La Mesa

  • Lemon Grove

  • National City

  • Oceanside

  • Poway

  • San Diego 

  • San Marcos

  • Santee

  • Solana Beach

  • Vista

  • And More...

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