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Treating Your Home As We Treat Our Own

Tips for choosing paint, that will help your mood.

Choosing paint colors for your home can be quite a challenge. When deciding on the color to paint a room in your home, keep a few things in mind.

First, let's look at the psychology of color to help you in making your selection easier.

There are Warms and Cool tones on a color pallet that devote certain moods in a room that are good to consider.

Warm tones are playful, full of action, and life! Colors Included are reds, oranges, and yellows.

Red is the most passionate of all colors.

Orange is a conversation starter, and used in a lot of Kitchens and or dining areas.

Yellow is bright and cheerful and can liven up the dullest room.

Next, Cool tones, inspire relaxation and meditation. Colors included are greens, indigos, and violets.

Green the color of nature, is great for bedrooms and calming for baths

Blue is the color of the ocean, and can bring out thoughts of spas and calming places

Purple and Indigo are more spiritual and thoughtful. Great for meditation rooms.

White represents purity, peace, and intellect. Great for offices and places where you need to think.

Blacks and Browns are grounding colors, used in various shades throughout the home.

Rule #1 Do your research

Rule #2 Look at the lighting in Your room

Rule #3 Don't assume

Rule #4 Be sure to test the paint samples

And finally, Get Inspired!

Be sure to work closely with your painter, to in insure your vision will become a reality!

Reference Dunn Edwards YouTube.

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